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Our experience in working with technical project specifications and demanding lead times is second to no one.  Our engineers are eager to support your organization’s needs with proprietary analytical calculations, designs for extreme environments, innovations that are focused on maximizing up time, equipment efficiency and safety while reducing total life cycle costs of capital equipment.  Innovative Hydraulics will understand exactly what needs to be accomplished with your application and will point out thoughtful improvements that may provide additional value in terms of maximizing ROI or reducing machine downtime.


Innovative Hydraulics understands the rigorous workloads that cylinders face in the industries of energy and metallurgy.  We have the experience with the challenges presented by offshore marine applications as well as underground mining environments in regards to extreme weather, surface coating technologies and high factors of safety.  Our engineers are ready to support your business with custom analytical calculations, designs for extreme environments and innovations that are focused on product longevity, while meeting the demanding requirements of heavy industrial cylinder applications.


Our state of the art manufacturing facility utilizes the finest hydraulic cylinder manufacturing equipment in existence, coupled with the experience of our manufacturing staff, we produce the highest quality hydraulic cylinders in the world.  We utilize offline programming capability to feed our 5-axis milling machines as well as our CNC lathes featuring live tooling.  We have the capability to turn over 350″ in length and 36″ in diameter.  Our equipment and the tradesmen that operate them can machine and fabricate to the tightest of tolerances and achieve precision accuracy.  We fabricate our custom cylinders with sub-arc, MIG and TIG welding processes and possess a full range of weld certifications, for a full list, please contact us.  Specialized coating technologies are localized to Innovative Hydraulics giving us a tremendous advantage to delivering on time and reducing logistics related costs for our customers.  We Hydro-static test and have the capability to load test in our facility.  Innovative Hydraulics can also meet the most demanding customer requirements for testing, including vertical testing of hydraulic cylinders up to 70′.


With over 35 year’s experience in the fluid power industry, I am very excited for the opportunity to be at the helm of Innovative Hydraulics, guiding us down a very successful path.  We design and manufacture world class custom hydraulic cylinders to the highest quality standards for safe and dependable service.  Our customer service is second to none when it comes to responding to our customer needs.  We are very proud of our state of the art manufacturing plant in Wausau, WI.  A company is only as good as its employees.  At IH, we are fortunate to have highly skilled and experienced employees in all areas of the company.  Our mission is to become the best globally recognized custom hydraulic cylinder manufacture known for innovative designs and outstanding performance.  We will not let you down!

James R. Tobul Sr. — President


Innovative Hydraulics designs and manufacturers the highest quality, most dependable hydraulic cylinders for high factor of safety civil applications.  We are highly competent in a myriad of 3rd party design specifications for critical civil applications such as: movable bridges, hydro-power, ferry ramps, navigational locks, dam gates, turbine control, and arresting equipment.  If your organization needs support for complete design and manufacturing of these critical cylinder applications, contact us today!

In addition to civil applications, we proudly support our nation’s defense branches by producing mission critical hydraulic cylinders for the most demanding military applications.  If your organization needs assistance in a defense application that will require hydraulic cylinders, we are ready to support your needs.  We are eager to help, contact us today!

DUNS: 080402372


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Onshore, we design and manufacture the highest quality, highest standard factor of safety, hydraulic cylinders in the oil and gas industry.  Utilizing leading edge technologies in the design phase and implementing them through the manufacturing process ensures safe, efficient, dependable operation in the oil field. Our patented multi-stage telescopic cylinder designs feature enhancements that minimize down time and maximize ROI on capital asset hydraulic cylinders, while our steerable lift cylinders for walking systems are the safest and most efficient cylinder design for lifting a land based rig and walking to the next well.  Offshore, our application capabilities include the design and manufacture of complete marine riser tensioner systems, compensated coil tubing lift frames, active or passive heave compensation systems and the largest of marine cranes.  We understand the design challenges associated with the most extreme offshore conditions and have experience working with ABS, DNV-GL and other certification authorities.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your application!

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Are you a fluid power organization, CFPE or PE that provides engineered fluid power system solutions?  Are you looking to provide a complete hydraulic system solution but have lacked a source for custom, one-off and large bore hydraulic cylinders.  Our staff can provide unparalleled engineering and manufacturing support to ensure the actuators you require are specifically in tune with the systems you design and build.  Let us help support your efforts!  Innovative Hydraulics has developed a program that will provide you or your organization with the tools needed to compete in today’s competitive marketplace.  To learn more about our authorized sales representative program, contact us today!

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