Innovative Hydraulics' has invested in the finest hydraulic cylinder manufacturing equipment available today. With limitless design capabilities, we are able to implement the latest leading edge technologies into our hydraulic cylinders. These features maximize our customers ROI and provide safe, reliable operation day after day, year after year. The following information is a snapshot of our current capabilities, this is ever-changing as we continue to grow in the marketplace. For the latest, most up to date information, contact us today!

Hydraulic cylinder capabilities include:

  • Welded, mill duty or tie-rod designs
  • Single and multi-stage telescopics
  • Single and double acting
  • Single or multiple rod designs
  • Patented and patent pending, application specific design technologies
  • Up to 40″ bore
  • Up to 350″ long stages
  • Up to 90′ strokes
  • Pressures up to 10,000 psi
  • Custom sealing configurations
  • Advanced coating technologies including application specific laser cladded alloys
  • Custom piping configurations
  • Custom manifold design and manufacturing
  • 3rd party certifications such as ABS, DNV-GL and more
  • Able to meet high FOS design requirements, such as AASHTO
  • Hydro-static and/or load testing available in horizontal or vertical positions

Machine and Fabrication Capabilities

Innovative Hydraulics has invested in leading edge, high precision CNC turning centers and milling stations able to efficiently produce custom, low volume and even one off hydraulic cylinder assemblies.  As our growth continues, additional advanced equipment is added to meet our capacity needs.  IH offers MIG, TIG and Sub-Arc welding procedures, a comprehensive list of welding certifications can be provided upon request.  For a tour of our facility and to learn how your organization can benefit from our resources, contact us today!

RE-Manufacturing Capabilities

Innovative Hydraulics re-manufactures capital asset hydraulic cylinders at its corporate location in Wausau, WI or across its domestic repair network (see services page).  We also re-manufacture and test critical application cylinders for civil applications exclusively at our corporate headquarters.  If your organization has capital asset hydraulic cylinders, IH can develop a program that will maximize the longevity of your assets and increase your ROI on them.  To learn more, contact us today!

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