Large Bore Hydraulic Cylinders

Innovative Hydraulics is a world-class leader in the design and manufacturing of large bore hydraulic cylinders. Our extensive experience and expertise can meet the most demanding application and specification needs. For innovative, leading edge design technologies for your organization's capital asset hydraulic cylinders, contact Innovative Hydraulics today!

Innovative Hydraulics specializes in the design and manufacturing of large bore hydraulic cylinders

From concept and design to commissioning, we handle every aspect of the design, engineering and manufacturing procedure.

During the design phase, our engineering team works closely with our customers to understand their application and the impact our products can play in competitive advantage and ROI.  They pay close attention to the specific conditions of the application, which include operating temperature, loads, environment, working pressure, and safety to ensure efficiencies and outstanding dependability.

Utilizing a range of proven and proprietary design methods, we address issues in the design phase to maximize cylinder performance specifically to our customer’s needs.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility consists of specialized machining and welding equipment, assembly and test lines. To develop quality large bore hydraulic cylinders, we use a wide selection of modeling and testing techniques. This includes FEA analysis, UT weld testing, fluid cleanliness, cushioning, hydrostatic as well as load bearing cylinder actuation tests in horizontal or vertical positions.

From the design phase to years of dependable service in the field, you can rely on Innovative Hydraulics for all of your large bore hydraulic cylinders needs.

Innovative Hydraulics custom large bore hydraulic cylinders can meet the most demanding application needs

  • Welded, mill duty or tie-rod designs
  • Single and multi-stage telescopics
  • Single and double acting
  • Single or multiple rod designs
  • Proprietary, application specific design technologies
  • Up to 40″ bore
  • Up to 350″ long stages
  • Up to 90′ strokes
  • Pressures up to 10,000 psi
  • Custom sealing configurations
  • Advanced coating technologies
  • 3rd party certifications such as ABS, DNV-GL and many more

Why choose Innovative Hydraulics’ large bore hydraulic cylinders?

Innovative Hydraulics can produce the highest quality large bore hydraulic cylinders that will deliver unparalleled ROI and years of dependability.  Customer satisfaction is at the core of our business.  We are committed to sustaining business relationships by offering innovative, efficient and comprehensive solutions via product design, quality control, precision manufacturing, on-time delivery and exemplary customer service.  Our organization boasts exceptionally talented, qualified engineers with over 30 years of experience.  Innovative Hydraulics is proud of our staff’s diverse backgrounds, not just in fluid power but other aspects of business that make us stronger collectively.  We are a forward thinking, technologically advanced, sustainable enterprise.  Our professional network of CFPEs and engineers from other disciplines enables us to expand our capability and capacity for future growth.

Work with the leader in large bore hydraulic cylinder design, contact us today!

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