Benefits of Using a Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder


Benefits of Using a Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder

When it comes to hydraulic cylinders, there are different types with its own unique function. A primary advantage of using the telescopic hydraulic cylinder has to do with it having a longer stroke as compared to other designs. They are used to enhance the functions of process operations.

Telescopic hydraulic cylinders are best used for operations that are to be carried out in limited or confined spaces and require compact equipment. They can also extend well beyond their collapsed length proving beneficial in places where a longer stroke is required. In such cases, the use of a telescopic hydraulic cylinder more sense.

A telescopic hydraulic cylinder is configured in a way to allow all moving parts to extend simultaneously. This provides constant push and speed throughout the extension and retraction of the stroke. Areas where specific force is required in both great lengths and limited space (e.g. underground mining drills). The constant thrust is achieved by internally trapping the oil, synchronizing retract and extend areas, and limiting the movement of the drill.

The best example of practical applications of a telescopic hydraulic cylinder is found in refuse and dump trucks.

Since the contents in the bed need to be emptied, specific angles need to be achieved (usually 60 degrees) and the right amount of elevation is required (this is where the longer stroke comes in). In addition to this, telescopic hydraulic cylinders are effective for operations due to their ability to collapse back into a horizontal position allowing them to be installed in vehicles.

Telescopic hydraulic cylinders

Telescopic hydraulic cylinders are of two main types: Single acting and double acting cylinders.

The first type of cylinder is named as such because their manufacturing allows them to apply pressure outwards in a single direction. However, when the time for retraction comes to bring it back to its original state, it has to make use of other additional mechanisms.

Examples of where such cylinders are used are dump trucks. This is because after dumping the material by lifting the bed at a certain degree, gravity is used to collapse the cylinder back to the pre-extended stage.

As for the double acting cylinder, they need to make use of hydraulics for both retraction and extension in situations where gravity does not assist in the collapse of the telescopic cylinders. Conditions which require forces to be applied in horizontal directions such as the machinery used to compact metallic waste.

machinery used to compact metallic waste.

The telescopic hydraulic cylinder has a wide array of benefits and is specific in its application. From manufacturing hydraulic cylinders with 40 inches bores to developing application-specific designs suited for your task, our custom built hydraulic cylinders are the solution to all your pressure-related needs!

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